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Have you received a letter from the CRA and don't know what to do? Let us help you through the process

Accounting services are a great addition to any business, but it is not always necessary to hire a subcontractor or an employee strictly for this position. We at Ashton Tax are here to help you when you are in need.

Rest assured that our qualified team will take good care of you. We are experts in personal and corporate finance and we understand how stressful taxes can be when you are busy managing your cash flow. We can provide you with helpful hints and tools to help you not only get through tax season with ease but also help you better understand how the entire process works. From start to finish, we’ll explain each step.

Did you know that there are great tools online available through the CRA login services? Tools such as the CRA NETFILE tool and the CRA payroll calculator can be very helpful in better understanding how taxes work.

Have you received an unexpected tax bill from the CRA? Not sure if you qualify for certain tax rebates? We understand how intimidating it may seem to deal with the Canada Revenue Agency or CRA. In fact, with all of the CRA scams out there, we agree it is scary - but it doesn’t need to be.

Financial planning is a very important part of any business and part of that financial plan should include payments to Canada Revenue Agency to ensure all necessary payments are followed through with.

An audit can occur when you are not following through with proper source deduction payments if you are not completing your GST and HST payments or at complete random. If you are a small business or someone filing personal income taxes and you are being audited, it may be best to reach out to an expert for help.



Our expert team can help you with all of your accounting needs including income tax, bookkeeping, and payroll

Income Tax

Income tax preparation and planning for individuals, corporations, sole proprietorships, partnerships and not-for-profit organizations


Source deductions, payroll cheque remittance, direct deposit, CRA NETFILE - the team at Ashton Tax are experts when it comes to payroll and business corporate tax


We offer full bookkeeping services for all your small business accounting and bookkeeping needs


Looking to start your own business or transitioning to a corporation and you aren't sure of the legalities behind what you need to do to be incorporated?


We make the GST HST process easy and smooth for you


Have you received a letter from the CRA and don't know what to do? Let us help you through the process

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