Our Network

As part of our commitment to provide a holistic approach to tax planning and finance management, Ashton Tax partners with a number of other professionals.

For comprehensive financial planning we work with Betty Anne Howard, M.S.W., B.A.(Hon.), CFP, CLU, CHS, CEA Certified Financial Planner, Certified Executor Advisor. Email Betty Anne Howard at mailto:bettyanne@ipcc.org or call 1-877-455-3953.

For complete mortgage brokering services we work with Eric Palmer, AMP, Mortgage Intelligence. Email: palmer@cogeco.ca or phone 613-384-2334.

For legal services we consult with Mann Lawyers LLP. Email: info@mannlawyers.com or phone 613-722-1500.

For actuary services we consult with Gordon B Lang. Contact Vince Murton at vince.murton@gblinc.ca, toll-free (888) 941-9829, or by cell at (647) 299-9974.

K3C Credit Counselling is a local not-for-profit charitable organization which provides assistance to people who are experiencing financial difficulties. Email K3C Credit Counselling at ottawa@k3c.org or phone 1-800-379-5556.

For Virtual Assistant services, we work with Barbara Best, MVA, CCVA, President of Virtual Works Administrative Solutions. Email Barb at barbara@virtualworks.ca or call: (613) 825-4994 ext. 1.

For Professional Computer and Network Support. Email Patrick Fleury at support@pclf.ca or call him at 613-889-1209.

Ashton Tax is certified Sage 50 Accounting & QuickBooks Pro Advisor.

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