Tax Resources

Important dates to keep in mind:

  • December 31 – charitable donations cut-off
  • February 28 – the last day to make personal and spousal RRSP contributions
  • April 30 – deadline for personal tax filing
  • June 15 – deadline for small business tax filing

Corporate taxes

Corporate tax filing is due 90 days after your fiscal year end – if you don’t owe taxes, this deadline can be extended.

Forms to help with your tax filing

Please click on the appropriate link below to download these forms in PDF format.

If you are unable to open the documents, click here to download a free version of the Adobe Reader.

Advice from: Betty-Anne Howard, M.S.W., B.A. (Hon.), CFP, CLU, IPC Investment Corporation.

What Canada Revenue Agency doesn’t tell you

If you miss the claim they don’t have to tell you!” The responsibility falls to you, the tax payer, to make and claim everything that you are entitled to! Canada Revenue Agency is under no obligation to inform you of tax credits that you might be eligible for unless it’s of some benefit to them!