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We offer full in-house accounting services as well as on-site for all your small business accounting and bookkeeping needs


At Ashton Tax, we offer complete accounting services in Ottawa for all your small business accounting and bookkeeping needs. Give us a call today to see how our bookkeepers can help you spend less time working on your business and more time thinking about growing business! We not only serve the Ottawa region, but We also provide Virtual Bookkeeping Services throughout Canada.

Financial planning in a small business is one of the most critical things every business owner and/ or operator should do. It’s not just about managing cashflow but also about managing accounts payables and accounts receivables. Tax filing and year-end can be much easier if your bookkeeping has been well-managed throughout the year.

This can also be extremely useful if you should be audited, as you will have everything in order ready to be provided to the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). Corporate finance can be complicated, but we can take the fuss out of it – let us help you navigate it with ease.

What is bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping involves: accounts receivables and payables, invoicing and cash flow budgeting. A good bookkeeper will ensure all of your records are kept in order online and on paper – that’s why we offer these services. A great bookkeeper (like the ones we have at Ashton Tax) will help you track your spending and better understand where your money is going and what your revenue streams are. Think of them sort of like a business consultant but without the price-tag!

Ashton tax offers many accounting services in addition to bookkeeping such as income tax preparation and filing, small business accounting services like payroll and GST and HST filing. All these services are available in Ottawa at our offices for small businesses and individuals in the Ottawa region.


We offer bookkeeping and data entry services. We also provide bookkeeping training for your business using various accounting software and other tools. 


At Ashton Tax, we help you change your business structure and incorporate it. We help you with the federal incorporation of your small business as well as name registration.


Filing taxes is very important and can take a considerable amount of your time. Our experts will carry out all tax calculations, follow tax guidelines and file the required forms.

Payroll Services

Payroll handling comes with many challenges. Deadlines and restrict rules make it more complicated. We offer efficient solutions and make things easier for you by handling all your payroll processing.

Business Plan Development

We are experts in business planning and have worked with companies of all sizes and trades, assisting them with developing professional business plans that can facilitate their fundraising and future growth.

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Contact us for all your Accounting & Bookkeeping needs. We also offer virtual Bookkeeping and Accounting Services throughout Canada.

We Also Offer:

Virtual Bookkeeping & Virtual Accounting Services.

We also provide the paperless accounting and online bookkeeping services you need to keep your business healthy and growing. All the paperwork you need, with none of the paper. Think of us as your in-house team, at a fraction of the cost.

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Ashton Tax was established in 1987 and offers Accounting and Tax Services for individuals and small businesses in Ottawa.


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