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We make the GST HST process easy and smooth for you and your business.


Our team of professional Accountants develops a custom financial plan to ensure GST HST payment dates are easily followed and no budgeting issues hinder your business goals.

Our team at Ashton Tax aren’t only experts in corporate tax filing, payroll, budgeting and financial planning but also can help you navigate the complicated world of the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) online world.

With a CRA login, you are now able to use several online tools to help you better manage your corporate fiscal tax responsibilities. We can help show you how some of these tools work such as the CRA HST NETFILE and the HST calculator.

Accounting for small business can be a daunting task, whether you are the entrepreneur or you simply manage a few of the accounting tasks for your business it is always important to have an accountant verify and review your work. Completing the accounting requires much attention to detail so we can ensure everything has been done properly and to the standards of the CRA.

In addition to running your business (or handling some of the fiscal responsibilities), approaching tax season can be stressful, so let us alleviate that and help you with tax preparation.

We would be happy to make the process easy and smooth for you.

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Ashton Tax offers personalized and friendly service, with knowledgeable staff that care about you!

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Ashton Tax was established in 1987 and offers Accounting and Tax Services for individuals and small businesses in Ottawa.


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