Best Pricing Plans

We’ve created flexible price options to ensure our clients only pay for exactly what they need.


up to 75 transactions/month
$ 175
Per Month
Employee 1-2
Bank & Credit Card Accounts: 1
Annual Income Statement


up to 125 transactions/month
$ 345
Per Month
Employee 1-4
Bank & Credit Card Accounts: 2
Annual Income Statement


up to 150 transactions/month
$ 495
Per Month
Employee 1-6
Bank & Credit Card Accounts: 3
Quarterly Income Statement


up to 175 transactions/month
$ 795
Per Month
Employee 1-10
Bank & Credit Card Accounts: 4
Quarterly Income Statement


up to 200 transactions/month
$ 995
Per Month
Employee 1-15
Bank & Credit Card Accounts: 5
Monthly Income Statement


>200 transactions/month
$ 1,295
Per Month
Employee 16-25
Bank & Credit Card Accounts: 6
Monthly Income Statement

Our Prices

Hire our team of professional tax accountants so that your business is incorporated in the best jurisdiction, has an optimal share structure to minimize taxes, and gives you the liability protection you need.

Including minute book, shares certificates, and articles of incorporation.

Price estimates are calculated by PropTrack Australia by looking at multiple properties and local market data points, which together can provide insight into the approximate value of a property. The data that informs the estimate range includes property and local market data including: Property types, Recent sales & local price trends, and Land area. To learn more about privacy and Property Value pages.

Including compilation engagements.

All Packages include

• Accounts Payable Data Entry


• Accounts Receivable Data Entry

• Covid Subsidies

• HST Filing

• T4, T5018, T5 slips

• Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation


• Payroll Processing & Remittances

• QuickBooks Online & Dext

• Telephone & Email Support

• 1 Meeting with Tax Partner

• Payroll Reconciliation

• 1 Consult per year with a Senior Accountant

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Contact us for all your Accounting & Bookkeeping needs. We also offer virtual Bookkeeping and Accounting Services throughout Canada.

Ashton Tax was established in 1987 and offers Accounting and Tax Services for individuals and small businesses in Ottawa.


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