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We offer virtual accounting and bookkeeping services throughout Canada.

What is Cloud Accounting & Bookkeeping?

Cloud bookkeeping & accounting is the latest update of the traditional accounting business. Cloud bookkeeping and accounting provides services using cloud-based softwares. These online softwares help manage their client’s financial transactions and records. A cloud accounting and bookkeeping firm in Canada like Ashton Tax has the ability to access their clients’ financial information from any location with internet access, collaborate with their clients, and automate many of the repetitive tasks associated with bookkeeping.

A virtual accounting & bookkeeping firm is able to provide remote services to their clients, which means that the client does not have to be in the same location as the firm. This can be especially beneficial for small businesses, as it allows them to work with a cloud accounting firm without the added expenses of having an in-house accountant. Additionally, because the financial information is stored in the cloud, it is backed up and protected, meaning that data loss is highly unlikely. Cloud Accounting saves you time and money by automating many repetitive tasks associated with keeping your company’s books.

With Cloud Accounting you can access, work on, and back up, all your transactions from any location where you have internet 24/7. You can connect your bank and credit card accounts to automatically update transactions directly from your accounts and provide you with real-time printouts.

Why do we offer Virtual Accounting Services?

  • Tired of hiring and firing bookkeepers & accountants?
  • Wasting time and resources on travel to long accountant meetings?
  • Wasting your time doing bookkeeping yourself?
  • Need smarter and more experienced bookkeepers & accountants?
  • Internal accounting staff costing too much?
  • Does your current bookkeeper need help?
  • Need a bookkeeper or an accountant?


Above are some of the problems we are solving by offering our virtual and cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping services in Canada. We make affordable and expert service accessible for anyone, anywhere in Canada. With us, you do not have to worry about your time as much as physical meetings. Just connect with us over Zoom or Phone and we will solve all your accounting and bookkeeping problems.

At Ashton Tax, we offer Cloud accounting services in Canada for all your small business accounting and bookkeeping needs. Give us a call today to see how our virtual services can help you spend less time working on your business and more time thinking about growing your business! 

Financial planning in a small business is one of the most critical things every business owner and/or operator should do. It’s not just about managing cashflow but also about managing accounts payables and accounts receivables. Tax filing and year-end can be much easier if your bookkeeping has been well-managed throughout the year.

This can also be extremely useful if you should be audited, as you will have everything in order ready to be provided to the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). Corporate finance can be complicated, but we can take the fuss out of it – let us help you navigate it with ease.

Ashton tax offers many accounting services in addition to bookkeeping such as income tax preparation and filing, small business accounting services like payroll and GST and HST filing. All these services are either available in Ottawa at our offices for small businesses and individuals in the Ottawa region or virtually anywhere throughout Canada.

Want to Learn More?

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Our Clients Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Carter Jansen
Carter Jansen
As a former client of this business I must say that I was very disappointed in their customer service and work. I, like many others, were lured in by their "great reviews" (upon closer look, many fake). They were unreachable, very difficult to deal with, and very unprofessional. I also noticed that the manager treated their staff very harshly. As for their work, it was definitely not worth the money there are numerous other tax firms in Ottawa that do a better job.
Elaina Martin
Elaina Martin
great team and Corinne keeps the place running smoothly 🙂
Information Xocotla
Information Xocotla
I have been dealing with Ashton Tax for over 20 years and have always been pleased with their work. From looking after my personal accounting and taxes, for my business in Ottawa, and now my businesses in Nova Scotia and even Mexico, I know I can count on Maggie and her team to look after all of my needs. If I could rate Ashton Tax higher than 5 stars I certainly would.
Charissa Milousis
Charissa Milousis
I was recommended this firm to help complete my taxes as I thought that my taxes might be extra complicated for the past year. I initially felt good about this tax company as I felt that they would help me out a lot and do a good job, however, as I started to get around to everything I ended up needing to give them the final totals for all of my expenses rather than just give them the receipts and allow them to take care of it. So I ended up doing all of the grunt work myself which took me days and then they still ended up charging me a full $480 (which is apparently their base rate) when all they did was file the report. My mom mentioned afterwards that she gets all of her taxes done by a highly reputable company for $200 and she has a much more complicated return than I do. I am very unhappy and upset with the service that I received from this firm. I have been massively ripped off. This is very frustrating. I do NOT recommend this firm to anyone. I suggest you go somewhere else and ensure that your taxes will be completed diligently and not for a ridiculous amount of money.
Louis Derboghossian
Louis Derboghossian
Maggie Ashton est d'une grande compétence. Parfaitement bilingue, elle prend tout le temps d'expliquer, de vous éclairer sur certains points (notamment en ce qui a trait à la déclaration de revenus) qui vous auraient échappé. Toujours à l'écoute, elle est d'une patience d'ange et affiche à tout moment sa bonne humeur qui est communicative. Cela fait de longues années que je fais affaire avec Maggie et suis très, satisfait.
Gillian Depew
Gillian Depew
I started using Maggie's services a couple of years ago on the recommendation of a good friend, and I've never been more pleased with the financial and tax advice I've received! Maggie and her team are extremely knowledgeable, incredibly professional, and respond quickly with thorough and accurate information to all my questions. They provide strategic and practical advice tailored to my personal circumstances, frequently going above and beyond to help me understand my options and make the smartest choices I can make about how to make my money work for me. Last year, I also needed the services of a Financial Planner. I had spoken with a few potential planners but hadn’t found the right fit. Maggie was able to recommend her wife, Betty-Anne Howard, a Certified Financial Planner with Assante Financial Management Ltd. I had an introductory call with Betty-Anne and knew right away she was the perfect fit for me. Authorizing Maggie and Betty-Anne to share my information so as to work together resulted in some great strategies for achieving my tax planning, cash flow and financial planning goals all in one. I recommend Ashton Tax and Betty-Anne to anyone I know who is looking for excellent services at a reasonable price, delivered in a genuinely personable and results driven manner!
I have never used an accountant before, so I wasn't sure what to expect going in. Really appreciated their expertise during tax season. Between working in another province where I reside and the backlash from the federal government pay system, Maggie was able to walk me through the process and file my taxes appropriately. My visit could've been better if I had gotten a return from my taxes, but of course, that isn't their fault. Great atmosphere.
Kevin Hughes
Kevin Hughes
First time using an accountant and it has been a huge help. My tax situation was more complex than in the past and I was buying a house - I couldn't have done it all on time without their help. As a computer savvy person I was impressed with their options for securely transfering documents. I would highly recommend their services.
Julian Jamie Alessandroni
Julian Jamie Alessandroni
This is our second year having our small business and personal taxes done with Ashton Tax. FANTASTIC accounting firm. We drive quite far for their service and don't plan to change anytime soon.


We offer bookkeeping and data entry services. We also provide bookkeeping training for your business using various accounting software and other tools. 


At Ashton Tax, we help you change your business structure and incorporate it. We help you with the federal incorporation of your small business as well as name registration.


Filing taxes is very important and can take a considerable amount of your time. Our experts will carry out all tax calculations, follow tax guidelines and file the required forms.

Payroll Services

Payroll handling comes with many challenges. Deadlines and restrict rules make it more complicated. We offer efficient solutions and make things easier for you by handling all your payroll processing.

Business Plan Development

We are experts in business planning and have worked with companies of all sizes and trades, assisting them with developing professional business plans that can facilitate their fundraising and future growth.

Why you should choose us

Ashton Tax offers personalized and friendly service, with knowledgeable staff that care about you!

Ashton Tax was established in 1987 and offers Accounting and Tax Services for individuals and small businesses in Ottawa.


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