When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Canada, the government swiftly rolled out various relief measures to support individuals and businesses. Accountants, too, were quick to respond, helping clients access grants such as the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) and the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA). In this blog post, we highlight how Xero and Wagepoint played crucial roles in streamlining the application process and ensuring accurate record-keeping for these relief programs.


Leveraging Xero and Wagepoint

Simplifying CEWS Qualification with Xero

CEWS was one of the most challenging subsidies, with multiple sources of information causing confusion. Thanks to Xero’s custom reporting template, our team efficiently gathered necessary data from client accounts. We explore how Xero’s user-friendly interface and accurate reporting helped determine eligibility, even for companies reporting under the ‘cash method.

Xero and Wagepoint

Unlocking Payroll Data with Wagepoint

With Wagepoint as our trusted payroll platform, calculating complex CEWS applications became a breeze. We delve into how Wagepoint’s Reports Library provided essential payroll information for completing the CEWS application. Additionally, Wagepoint’s integration of the 10% Temporary Wage Subsidy within their app helped businesses access short-term cash relief with ease.


Expressing Gratitude and Shout-outs

We express our gratitude to the teams at Xero and Wagepoint for their seamless solutions, which made a significant difference in supporting Canadian businesses during these challenging times. Our blog post includes a shout-out to our own team members for their hard work and dedication throughout this process.


Bookkeeping for COVID-19 Grants

In the next blog post, we’ll focus on the crucial step of accurately recording and bookkeeping the various COVID-19 grants to maintain impeccable balance sheets and profit and loss statements. We’ll provide insights on accurately reflecting grants like the 10% Temporary Wage Subsidy, CEBA, CEWS, and CECRA in your financial records.

Xero and Wagepoint

In times of crisis, collaborative efforts become vital in ensuring the smooth distribution and management of government relief programs. Xero and Wagepoint proved to be indispensable partners, simplifying the process for businesses and accountants alike. As we continue navigating these challenging times, efficient record-keeping and accurate reporting will remain essential to support businesses in their road to recovery. Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we share valuable bookkeeping tips for handling COVID-19 grants and subsidies effectively.


Maximizing Canadian COVID-19 Subsidies with Xero and Wagepoint

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Canadian businesses are seeking every available resource to navigate the economic challenges. Fortunately, platforms like Xero and Wagepoint offer powerful tools to help businesses streamline their operations and maximize their eligibility for government subsidies. By leveraging the capabilities of these platforms, businesses can efficiently manage their finances while accessing crucial financial support during these uncertain times.

Xero, a cloud-based accounting software, provides businesses with comprehensive financial management solutions. Its user-friendly interface and robust features make it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. With Xero, businesses can easily track their expenses, manage invoices, reconcile accounts, and generate financial reports—all from a centralized platform accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Wagepoint, on the other hand, specializes in payroll management. Its intuitive platform automates payroll processes, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements. Wagepoint simplifies tasks such as calculating employee wages, deducting taxes, and issuing direct deposits or paychecks. By streamlining payroll operations, Wagepoint saves businesses valuable time and resources, allowing them to focus on core business activities.


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The combination of Xero and Wagepoint offers a seamless solution for managing finances and payroll, which is especially beneficial when navigating government subsidy programs like the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) and the Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS).

CEWS provides eligible employers with a subsidy to cover a portion of their employees’ wages, thereby helping them retain their workforce during the pandemic. By integrating Xero and Wagepoint, businesses can easily access the financial data required to determine their eligibility for CEWS and calculate the subsidy amount accurately. Xero’s reporting capabilities allow businesses to generate the necessary financial statements, while Wagepoint ensures that payroll data is up-to-date and compliant with CEWS requirements.

Similarly, CERS offers rent relief to eligible businesses affected by the pandemic. By leveraging Xero and Wagepoint, businesses can streamline the process of gathering financial information and calculating their CERS eligibility. Xero’s detailed expense tracking features enable businesses to accurately report their rent expenses, while Wagepoint ensures that payroll-related expenses are accounted for correctly.


In addition to facilitating subsidy eligibility, Xero and Wagepoint help businesses maintain financial transparency and compliance—a crucial aspect when dealing with government programs. Both platforms offer features that support financial record-keeping, audit trails, and compliance with tax regulations, ensuring that businesses can confidently navigate subsidy applications and reporting requirements.

As the economic landscape continues to evolve in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses must adapt quickly to changing circumstances. By harnessing the capabilities of platforms like Xero and Wagepoint, Canadian businesses can efficiently manage their finances, access vital government subsidies, and position themselves for long-term success in a challenging environment.